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TRANSFORMATION: Shamanic & Yogic Practices ~ Spring Series

Transform Your Life, Body, Mind, and Spirit

A seasonal exploration with Heather Gatto at Madrona MindBody Institute


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A 9-week journey through SPRING

Embody the Spring season and transform your mind, body, and spirit with this dynamic class. Blend earth-based wisdom and visionary tools (journeying, prayer, dance, bells, drums, singing, rattles, tarot, storytelling, plant and animal allies) with the ancient gifts of Yoga (poses, breathing techniques, meditation, chakra exploration, and chanting). Drawing on these powerful tools, discover how to flourish.

Would you like to open your voice and find resonance? Can you visualize the blossoming of the seeds you are ready to plant? Are you ready to refine your discernment in order to create the life you dream of? What needs cleansing so the truth may be more visible? How can we have authentic communication with kindness?

Imagination awakens calling the seeds into the light.

Begins Tuesday, April 9, 5:15-7:00pm
9 Tuesdays ending June 4.

Please Pre-Register by April 1.

COST: $160 for nine 1 3/4 hour classes, no drop-ins

PROGRAM INFO: Heather's website
Contact Heather with questions:, 206-356-6067

Heather Cole Gatto

I am a person of devotion and service. I strive to do all that I do with an open, strong, clear, and full heart.
My life-long journey as a Creative led to a stone sculpting apprenticeship in 1998. 
Then, devoting myself to a two-year traditional Hatha Yoga apprenticeship in 2002 (with Lee and Brook Atwell in Seattle) initiated the teacher in me. In 2004 my Guru Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma) awakened the Bhakti (devotional) yogi, love, and the path to liberation.  That was also the year my studies with Char Sundust began. They continue to this day, guiding me along the spiritual and practical path of life with tangible tools and earth-based wisdom. May I use these gifts to serve all for the highest good.