Swedish, Deep Tissue & Injury Treatment with Jet Mullen, LMT

Jet is completely dedicated to tuning into the needs of each body she works with; Whether you are looking for treatment for a specific injury, release of tension in areas of repetitive overuse, or simple relaxation inside and out, she will provide you with a safe space, a deep sense of listening, and strong hands to help you attain optimum results.

Swedish Massage uses long, flowing strokes toward the heart to increase circulation, engage the parasympathetic nervous system ("rest and digest"), and bring the body into deep relaxation to improve the function of the body's systems and encourage overall well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage is a variation on Swedish massage, with deeper pressure and focus on specific areas of tension. In a deep tissue treatment, Jet will often incorporate myofascial release techniques to "open up" areas of holding, as well as neuromuscular techniques and range of motion to release patterns of tension.

Massage Treatments

  • 60 minutes $85
  • 90 minutes $125

Call 360-344-4475 or email info@madronamindbody.com to schedule your appointment.
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Response to Jet's massages: 

"Amazing, fantastic and awesome" E.C. 9/16

"It was totally amazing and I had the best nights sleep ever afterwards. She's the best!"

" Everything went wonderfully! Jet is so skilled. So glad I treated myself right on my b-day. Thumbs up!" 7/17

"Jet ‘s massage was indescribably healing: intuitive, skilled, aware. She could tell where my body needed help the most." 1/18